Friday, December 11, 2009

Deluxe this weekend!!

THIS is my favorite show around...and it's THIS WEEKEND! Saturday, 11-6, Oklahoma City Fairgrounds.

Why do I love this show?
--All handmade
--Live kid-friendly music
--Free entry
--Goodie-bags to the first 50 entrants
--THE BEST vendors lie (like Audrey Eclectic...this girl holds my heart with her beautiful folk art. Freakin' amazing. I'll be adding to my collection this weekend.)

Why do I not love this show?
--every penny I make I'll spend. Fo 'Sho. Bah!! (really, this is just a self-control issue, and the fact that the stuff you see at Deluxe, you WON'T see anywhere else).

So...check out the Deluxe site for a list of vendors and their links at
and for-the-love-of-pete, come to OKC and shop Deluxe for the holidays! You are guaranteed to find something unique for every person on your holiday wish-list. Even Uncle Arthur.

1 comment:

  1. aw, you're the sweetest! I'm so glad you are enjoying your little prints :) I love when my art finds a good home!
    Love all the headbands, I'm bummed that I was so far away this year and didnt get to stare at all your pretties all day like at Indie!
    And I've got plenty of left-overs too...they ARE the best!~